Thursday, August 30, 2012

The last weekend of August

Such a boring title I know. 

Anyway, we have had quite a good weekend.

We had a hearty breakfast at this cute Portside Café located at the Wynyard Quarter.






Then we took AJ on the tram (again! For the 3rd time OMG!).  He loves it since the last times so there he has it.  This time, we went round and round for 1 hour, and then concluded our Saturday outing with a bubble gum flavoured ice cream.  That was our first time trying out this flavour and oh~my~god, we all loved it!  It reminds me of the ice-cream I had in my teens, you know, from those mobile cake/bread van that goes around the suburb in the afternoon (are they still around these days?).  I have been hunting for this flavour for the longest time!




It was a day with animals on Sunday.  We brought AJ to his first pet expo since he likes animals.  He got intimidated by large size doggies.  He didn’t even dare to touch them no matter how cute/gentle/friendly the dog looks (think about the gorgeous golden retriever, how could anyone not like them?) but hiding behind me.  LOL.  And out of all animals we saw, Athan showed special interest on turtle!  There, a peek to our potential future pet candidate! 




We ended our excursion with luscious dim sums.  All satiated and happy!

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^^TeReNcE^^ said...

你那儿的 Pets Expo 比新加玻的更有趣咯 :)