Sunday, December 16, 2012


November and December are busy months for us.  There are many birthdays and summer/Christmas events.  As the weather starts heating up, people all come out to play.  Apart from celebrating my birthday and Athan’s, here is a summary of other things we did in the past month.

Celebrated mom's birthday

Attended Tristan's birthday party

Every kid gets to blow the candle!

Visited Winter Wonderland

And looking at my calendar, December is load full of activities!


Declan Isaac said...

I didn't see any interesting stuffs here ... apart from the CDC bracelet! LOLXXX

Did u get it from Sydney?

Doreen said...

LOL. Although I am probably a designer (bag) fanatic, I still haven’t lost my sensibility. I wouldn’t spend more than 1k for a leather bracelet. It is a designer inspired piece! I am however eyeing for their Kelly Double Tour bracelet :P

Declan Isaac said...

lol! hahaha... it's actually a very nice piece! I think for bracelet and such, there isnt a need to spend too much. You are a clever shopper.