Tuesday, January 01, 2013

December 2012

Albany Staying Alive Open Day - A day out to explore all emergency services and understand what they do on daily basis.  An exciting educational event for both adults and kids.  AJ was of course thrilled to be able to climb the fire truck, explore the ambulance and get up close and personal with the helicopter!

Roses in Parnell rose garden.

Skycity Christmas decor.  Not incredibly impressive, but enough to put a smile on the little man!

Attended Mike's wedding, both church ceremony and evening reception.  They are such a cute couple.  That was AJ's first ever wedding invitation!

What I wore to their church ceremony

Batman AJ, and green!

We were invited to Tommy's 3rd birthday party.  Our first ever pet birthday party!

Met up with two of my gorgeous cyber friends, Karen and Regina from Singapore while they were here touring for 2 weeks.  They are such a lovely babes. It was a fun catch-up session and hopefully we will meet again soon.

Had a catch-up session with my old friend and her family over yummy home cooked brekkie.  AJ and the cutie pie, Mia.  They looks so cute together, don't they?

Celebrated Rick's birthday.  Yummy mango cake!

Christmas eve high tea at The Langham.

A rather quiet Christmas for us.  Unwrapping pressies and paying Santa a visit at his snow grotto at Snowplanet.  Thinking of bringing AJ there next time for some snowplay!

Strawberry picking.  We didn't know there is a farm full of juicy juicy strawberries at just 10 mins from our place.  It was like a paradise found!  LOL.  The strawberries were so fresh the juice was oozing out even with just a wee press.  We were there for around 20 mins, picked enough to last a few days and off we back home!  With fresh strawberries just a stone throw away, I could see us becoming their regulars!

BBQ.  The weather wasn't too kind this festive season.  It was wet and unpredictable.  We were waiting day and day for our favourite summer activity, eventually the plan materialised on one fine Saturday of 29th, with the company of good friends.

Completed our lavender project.  Our summer is always filled with gardening/landscaping works.  I suppose it is good to get out there and show some love to the flowers/trees/bushes even the bugs.  LOL  I love lavender.  I love their colour, their fragrance and their look.  So, I would soon be able to enjoy my coffee while having natural lavender aromatherapy on my deck.



Phew, there you have it!  A rather productive of last month of the year.  So long 2012....Happy 2013!

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