Saturday, January 19, 2013


I have a dream.  In fact, I have many dreams but this very one is growing on me as years gone by.  Profusely.

I think I have written about this dream before.  Er....may be not....Actually I don’t know. I can’t remember…gee I am getting old….

I have a deep affection for Queenstown.  I am sure there are probably many places comparable if not more beautiful than her.  May be somewhere in Canada, Alaska, Switzerland or someplace somewhere.  However, for me, my heart is set some time ago the 2nd time I landed myself in this beautiful little town.  It wasn’t love at first sight but second.  I was probably too young to appreciate her beauty the first time.  LOL  And since then, I have made many subsequent trips there.

I want to own a nice cosy little cottage there one day.  Nothing too fancy but with beautiful panoramic view of lake Wakatipu and snow topped mountain. The cottage will be our holiday home till we eventually retire there. 

THIS is my dream.  Not totally out of reach but does require a considerable amount of time to materialise.

For the mean time, I look forward to meeting her again comes this autumn.

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