Monday, January 21, 2013

Karen Murrell lipsticks

When you like something so much, you buy multiple of them, within a short time span.

Lipsticks by our very own Auckland based Karen Murrell.  100% natural, environmental friendly and non animal tested.  Her lipsticks carry the Ecocert organic certification.  And it cost only NZD30 which is far more cheaper than those high-end brands that I previously used.

The lipstick is long wearing and non drying thanks to all of the nourishing ingredients.  Although there are only 9 beautiful shades from the range, there is something for everyone from natural to bright and bold like ‘Fuschia Shock’ and ‘Coral Dawn’ which are among what I have owned so far. 

Another thing worth mentioning is all packaging is recyclable including the lipstick canisters!  The boxes are made out of 100% recycled paper and the canisters are made of a corn resin based material which once buried, would start to decompose within 100 days.  So now you can spend your money to be pretty and be totally guilt free!

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Declan Isaac said...

If you like, just buy. Else next time if you want it in those colors, also dont have liaoz.