Saturday, March 09, 2013

Malaysia trip - 2 nights in Kuala Lumpur

One month of holiday, sounds like a long time but actually not.  It ends in a blink of an eye just like that.  Done.  Over.  The reality hit is what I am still battling with.  I am missing my folks back home.  Dearly.

We made a 2 night stopover in KL before arriving into Kuching.  This is my 2nd visit to the capital, the last one was 20+ years ago (talking about being a Malaysian!).  So it was quite self satisfactory when I finally laid my eyes on the famous Petronas Twin Towers (a big tick on my check list!).  In fact, I got to admire its beauty days and nights throughout my stay.  Seeing is believing, it is magnificent!

Taking the express train from KLIA to Sentral

Our room

Breathtaking view of Petronas Twin Towers from our room

We really enjoyed the hotel's yummy breakfast and afternoon tea provided daily

We didn’t venture far but only hopping around the KLCC area, taking it really easy since we were mainly on foot.  With a 3 year olds that still take afternoon nap, it is better to be in close proximity of our hotel.  However we were grateful that our friends who picked us up were so kind to show us around KL, eat eat see see and even a visit to their cosy home in Putrajaya.  Thanks H&A, and of course the little N whom AJ loves to hang around with.  And also thanks J (and the sweetie pie A) for taking her busy schedule to meet us for dinner.  

There was no shopping frenzy.  I got what I had planned to get.  Nothing more.

KL at dawn (I think it was approx 5am!)

All in all, we had a good time albeit short (^_^)

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