Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Welcoming the year of the snake in Kuching

The main purpose of this trip was to celebrate Chinese New Year with family and to appreciate the ambience that we have missed for many many years. In fact, being married for 7 years, that was my first Chinese New Year with my in-laws (you can see why my mum-in-law have been nagging us! LOL) and also AJ’s first exposure back home.  We had very merry and warmth reunion dinner at home.  The ambience was just perfect not to mention the scrumptious food my mother in law and sis in law had prepared.

I was amazed by the amount of food/cookies/cakes etc that my in-laws had prepared for the occasion. It was massive! To be frank, celebrating CNY at my in-laws had reminded me of how much I used to love CNY. Just when I thought people nowadays were moving away from the full-on whole shebang celebration, I had regained that long lost feeling of excitement and joy in celebrating this important occasion.

On the first day of CNY, my sis-in-law brought us to her boss’s open home affair and to watch the impressive lion dance performed by a group of 9 lions.  They danced for as long as 1 hour! OMG! Then the next few days was all about visiting, ang pows giving and sinful food.


Oh the cheerful 財神爺

How could we not camwhore on this day when everyone has a license to dress up?


And as part of the family CNY tradition, we took family portrait.  This time with the 3 of us in!

We got carried away.....obviously LOL


The kids with the grannies

Ladies in da house!

Sisters!  With my sis in law and 幹姐姐-in-law (so complicated.  LOL)

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Luv all the photographs posted above, especially the family portrait... :)

Sandy :)