Monday, April 08, 2013

My take on the recent Kuching trip

We have found that every time AJ is on holiday away from his familiar surrounding for an extended period, he grows and becomes more mature.  The first time when we brought him back to Kuching for a month when he was 2, we noticed a significant improvement in his speech.  He went there with ability of only word speaking to phrase speaking.  This time, his Mandarin has improved profoundly.  Although we speak only Mandarin to him at home, prior to this trip, he often replied either with full English or half English/Mandarin.  You just can never underestimate the influence of daycare.  But he now speaks very fluent Mandarin we could literally have a long chat with him in full Mandarin. Amazing what one month away from home can do!

Apart from the language, we also noticed a change in his attitude.  He has become more reasonable and understanding.  We were so pleased that he got along so well with his cousins albeit their reasonably big age gaps.  He especially liked to stick around his “koko” throughout that one month.  The first thing he woke up in the morning, he looked for “koko”.  

There were a few milestones we wanted AJ to achieve in this trip and I thought he did well.  He is now more accustomed to the Chinese New Year celebration, from being afraid of lion dance, fire crackers/fireworks to wanting to dance the lion himself!  LOL.  He loves "bak gua" and "keropok" (surprise surprise!).  The swimming part.....well....I am pleased with the effort he has put in but I say give him a bit more time!

My next plan is to introduce AJ to his one and only maternal cousin, 5 years his senior living in Perth whom he has yet to meet in person.  It would be interesting to see how the two get on although I am confident that they would get along just fine!

And of course, the moral of this story plan more tripsssss!  LOL

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Anonymous said...

It's been a long while since u posted any videos of AJ. Would love to hear him talk!