Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Damai Puri Resort getaway

This was planned as a family (in-laws) weekend getaway.  It was good to have a break from the hustle bustle and put the mind at ease with sun, sand and sea.  

As soon as we got ourselves settled in our hotel rooms, we dashed out to the swimming pool for some water fun albeit the scorching sun at 2pm.  Oh yes, we wasted no time.  We then ran down to the beach to get some wave and sand therapy.  And I got myself a soft tan by end of the day!  LOL

Coincidentally, it was also my nephew’s 7th birthday. 

This nephew of mine is all crazy about Power Rangers right now, and he even designed his birthday cake in Power Rangers theme. 

Beautiful, isn’t it?  I applauded his dedication and attention to details. 

We then decided to give him a SPECIAL birthday treat....

The birthday boy turned mermaid! And only then we realised we should have left half of his body out.  We all got too excited you see.  The brains just stopped thinking, all of us!  LOLOL

Anyway, after we all done running, splashing and laughing by the beach, it was time for food.  There were quite a few options available at Damai but we eventually opted for the food court which offered home-y hawker style food.  And glad that we did.  We were all gushing at how good the food were.  Rick and I were so “suaku” (i.e. out-of-date) we were intrigued at some of the food that we have never heard of.  We were like:” Huh?  Roti tissue?  OMG, What’s that?” or “Nasi Ayam Penyet?????” LOLOLOL  Yeah, I reckon we should go back more often too!

After treating our stomach, we had a good walk along the coast before heading back to our hotel where a birthday celebration was awaited.  Of course, the cake designed by the birthday boy didn’t materialise.  It was just too hard to make.  Nonetheless, that upset him NOT!  He was one happy child with the cake his parents made for him and the Power Rangers pressies/ang pow from all of us!  We all love you, Tyrone!

We finished off the night with some champagne and wine over multiple sessions of boardgame King of Tokyo fighting monsters to our heart’s content!

The next morning, we enjoyed some hearty buffet breakfast before we headed down to the beach one more time.

I really enjoyed this beach sortie.  We should do that more often!


keeyit said...

Your still sexy..
You keep your body shape well, din know that you already has a son.
I hope I can be like you..
My stomach still big after deliver.

Doreen said...

Keeyit, thanks for your kind words. It's been 3 odd years for me since I last given birth, so every single pregnancy weight has to go by now otherwise I would have jumped into the deep blue sea already. LOL. Don't worry, it's only been months for you. Take it easy. Given time, you will get back your pre preggie body!