Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lake Wanaka

On the first day in Queenstown, we headed to Wanaka for our lunch excursion.  It was quite a scenic 1-hour drive.

That was quite a ride!

I always think Lake Wanaka is overrated.  It is beautiful but not spectacular.  Somehow I found the scenery lack of something…let’s just say it is a bit bare if that makes any sense.  Personal opinion only.  The only unique character this lake offers is nonetheless the lonely “tree in the lake”.  Sadly lonely.  And it looks like we are destined to go back there again….because…. 

We didn’t get the “tree in the lake”.   Dry lake.  Oh well, on the up side, I can get all up close and personal with the tree without getting wet.

War of Cybertron!  LOL

"Oh hello!"

Same spot, same smile, 3 years apart
A brief photo stop at Cromwell on our way back to Queenstown

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Petite Lass said...

Oh My!! Extremely beautiful! The pictures look like from postcards or paintings. Awesome! :)