Thursday, July 18, 2013

Colour the winter

My life is slowing down.  Sounds rather depressing but hey it is winter.  It’s supposed to be slow…and growing fat.  LOL  

So the best activity for this frosty season?  SHOPPING!!  Both online and offline!  Hahahaha.  The never ending sales and incredible price slashes always keep the spirit up and high.

I am obsessed with colours lately.  I see it as a way to have a bit more fun in dressing up and of course lighten up this otherwise dull and gloomy season.  It is my new found game.  And so I have been collecting colourful winter gear mainly coats, scarves and knitwear.

It is an ongoing mission.....


Declan Isaac said...

You bought the same scarf of diff colours?

Doreen said...

Ah yes. LOL

Declan Isaac said...

Hahaa... your shopping style is like my little sister :).
I am the difficult one. A difficult shopper.