Thursday, August 22, 2013

What a week!

Our car was stuffed.  Radiator leaked.  Sent it in for a fix and that was two days without a car for us.  The garage lend us one.  Well, we should be thankful for their good gesture but I was certainly not pleased.  The car?  It was more like a fur factory.  Gosh there was pet's hair everywhere and I literally mean EVERYWHERE!  1 day.  1 day was all that I could take.  Adding to the woes, we found out that this very car was without a Warrant of Fitness!  We returned this fur car back to where it's belong and hired a car to survive for another day.  This is the last straw, we are putting an end to our one car policy.  To be perfectly honest, I am amazed we could survive thus far.

But wait, there is more! Just thought we were delighted that our beloved car was back with a spanking new radiator, the parking sensor stopped working.  So back to the garage it was.  Another fix but minor.  Let’s just hope that this is the end of the whole saga.

Work wise, not too happy too.  I don’t normally talk about my work here, so let’s just say, time reveals truth and unfortunately to me the truth is an ugly one.  Frustrated.

Actually, now that I think about it, I shouldn't be ranting about all these trivial matters.  I watched The Impossible just 2 nights ago.  Recalling what those people have gone through in the 2004 Boxing day tsunami, what rights do I have to even make a tiny sound about this whole car and work frustrations?  Seriously, I should be thankful.

….I am.


Declan Isaac said...

I thought your car is newly purchased? It's the lexus right?
To be honest, 1 car is ok if you don't have a kid and if the car is in working condition. I hate having 1 car too!

Doreen said...

Yeah, purchased 6 months ago. Bad luck I supposed. Sigh! Car hunting this weekend and hopefully it is a fruitful one :)