Friday, November 29, 2013

AJ's 4th birthday

AJ turned 4 yesterday!

We got him two cakes this year.  Chick Hicks (he loooooves green!) to celebrate with his mates at the daycare, and 24 ultraman cupcakes for our little family celebration at home.  There were flying ideas 3 months ago on what cake we should get for him.  This little man is into many things/cartoon characters and it wasn’t easy to pin one down.  We eventually got down to two and then we thought, argh, what the heck, why don’t we just give him two?  He is well deserved, isn’t he?  Well, problem solved!

Let's eat cakes!

 Chick Hicks

 Father and son! LOLOLOLOL

All with different Ultraman

We had a good time celebrating with a bunch of gorgeous kids at the daycare during their afternoon tea time.   They are angels, funny ones.  LOL

AJ and his best mates.  Yes, only one gal in the band!  LOLOLOL

Now, it is the family affair.....

 Rick's hair nice or not?  I cut one.  LOL

Yes, the matching birthday presents!

And we wrapped it off with Happy Meal as requested by the birthday boss!


Declan's mum said...

Tat literally shows our age and our taste.

I love Ferragamo these 2 years. I got a wallet from them and the workmanship is top notch!

Doreen said...

Age? What age? LOLOLOLOL

I totally agree with you on Ferragamo. I started adoring the brand few months ago. Their pieces are not exorbitantly priced like some other brands yet their quality is not a tiny bit compromised.

I am all into things of vintage feel lately - lace, pearls, Chanel’s style tweet jacket, Ferragamo and whatnot. Oh my, I am getting old…but hopefully with grace. LOL

Declan's mum said...

Okie.. I am older.. therefore started 2 yrs back.

Old already, so must carry understated bag that no one knows or recognize.

Gone are the days of Pradas and Guccis. It's probably Bally, Ferragamo, YSL, Givenchy and Celine.

Doreen said...

Or Chanel? I really love Chanel! Or......HERMES!!!!! Wahahahaha

Not sure if it's the age though. I think nowadays most people including those in their 20s are into understated bags. YSL and Celine are very popular.

Declan's mum said...

No Chanel. Too many Chinese people carrying it. Every Tom / Dick and Harry in Singapore is carrying one. The workmanship has gone down drastically too.

Hermes is an overpriced, unattainable bag which I prob will never be able to afford, unless I strike lottery. Even then, we may not be able to lay our hands on one!

Doreen said...

I see....I do found Chanel very classy, not just their bags but overall.

As for Hermes, the price is not all for the quality but also for the status. Yeah, buying a piece of status in the society. I still have qualms for its worth to be honest. But then again, if i have millionnnnssssss, it's another story. Hahahahaha

I am also fond of Valentino and Victoria Beckham.