Monday, November 25, 2013

One more candle, one less wrinkle

...and only if that's even possible in real life.  No botox involved I mean.

There was no fine dining but an absolutely luxurious cinematic indulgence at the golden lounge.  Yes, very much like our anniversary celebration in June but with more food on the table!  LOL.  We had dinner prior to the movie at the lounge, then had desserts and coffee brought into the theatre at the start of the movie so we could munch right through.  It was a major food overdose that last till the next morning.  Well worth it!  Hahahaha

We watched THOR.  I thought it was good.  Loki is my favourite.  He is the most captivating nemesis ever!  Tom Hiddleston certainly played it well.  And don’t you just love the cameo appearance of Captain America?  It was a rather clever idea to promote the upcoming flick.  Nonetheless, it brought giggles on the otherwise jittery moment.

And here is my cute little birthday cake with my cute little man.....

In keeping my birthday tradition of “new age new hair”, here is the new haircut to celebrate the ravage of time.


Petite Lass said...

Happy belated birthday Doreen! The new haircut looks good :)

Doreen said...

Thanks Petite Lass!