Saturday, December 21, 2013

Taylor Swift in Auckland - The RED Tour

So I finally laid my eyes on Taylor Swift, in real life form.  She is as beautiful as in the photos, if not more captivating.  That pair of alluring and soul grabbing eyes, and...and...the endless infinity like slender legs...oh my oh my, even I as a woman find her irresistible.  She is near perfect, I dare say.

There was a lot of RED, as depicted by the name of this tour and title of her latest album.  Red shoes, red lips, red microphone, red guitar etc. Her performance was unbelievable she had the entire crowd at their feet, cheering for her.  The whole time.  The screaming (from the passionate fans) were loud and at one stage unbearable.  Geez, I can’t imagine how I could ever survive in Justin Bieber’s concert.

I absolutely enjoyed the show especially the finale.  Swift was in a red sequinned coat and top hat, singing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” while the catwalk stage lifted up and spun her round across the audience.  The concert hall was raining confetti before she headed back to the stage, saying thank you with a big bow and disappearing back under the stage.

Although I have always adored her I wasn't like a fan, but now, I surely am!

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