Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Soaking up the Christmas spirit

Christmas parade at Browns Bay.....It was raining lollies and AJ managed to collect a handful.  LOL

 Filling up with some yoghurt ice-cream prior to the parade

Police car Christmas present anyone?

 Er.....Christmas nativity scene?

Pirates on a giant tractor

Summer Santa on a boat! (Gosh he must be sweating like waterfall)

Marvelling at Franklin Road's Christmas lighting.  The Grinch is definitely not welcome to live here.

Christmas party at AJ's daycare centre....and he turned into batman!

 What a sudden change of character as soon as he got the mask on...like saying:"don't mess with me!"  LOL

Told ya he is in cool mode

And the highlight is VIP passes to the famous Coca Cola Christmas in the Park!

21 metre Christmas tree

 There were approx 150k people flooding the Domain

 Stan Walker strutting his stuff

The lucky winner, 6 year old Hannah flicked the switch and turned the Christmas tree lights on.

Lost kids won't be lost much longer

Fireworks finale

And finally, the cutest public toilet ever!  Found in Matakana.

Merry Christmas Everyone

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