Friday, December 27, 2013

Waiheke Island - Mudbrick

I was excited as we drove through the Mudbrick vineyard into the carpark and blown away by the beautiful setting right in front of me.  A big beautiful vintage-like chalet standing all so elegantly surrounded by European style gardens full of lavenders and topiaries (both my favourite!).  There is a Cellar Door for wine tasting which we gave it a miss.  There was also a small party (wedding may be?) being held while we were there which didn’t surprise me at all as Mudbrick is a very popular location for wedding.

Mudbrick offers formal dining experience at their restaurant as well as a more laid-back outdoor experience in the form of an Bistro in the courtyard for those casual bunch.  With a killer view like this, I am sure their Bistro is very popular throughout summer.  I can imagine how beautiful and romantic it is at sunset.  May be next time we will opt for a dinner there in the Bistro.

We were escorted to our table by the window overlooking Rangitoto.  The food and service were top notch first class.  Even AJ got a colouring pack to take home!

Once we were all satiated and happy, we took a stroll (for AJ, run) in their gardens and pampered ourselves with some panoramas on their deck.  Awed.  The weather was marvellous although it was a bit windy.  Still, awed.

Spot Auckland city!

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