Thursday, March 27, 2014

Family road trip - Coromandel

There, a big ticked on my list.  TICKED!

It was a short overnight road trip, meant to be an introduction to Coromandel.  We know it has a lot to offer but we will have to save it till next time.  The main feature of Coromandel Peninsula is no doubt the Cathedral Cove – made famous by The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian.  It is accessible via 45 minutes walkway or a boat tour.  We did neither but I vowed to do it next time.  We were only admiring it’s beauty from afar.

Then the Hot Water Beach.  As with its name, it is hot!  Just bring your spade and dig yourself a big hot spring to dip into, but only when the tide is low.  And again, we missed it.  We were too early.  Never mind.  Always next time!

I suppose the highlight of this trip was our lunch at Coromandel Mussel Kitchen, well known for their super fresh mussels.  And…IT WAS AWESOME!

The only souvenirs Rick and I brought back from this trip was a whole day of motion sickness.  Yeah, winding road overdosed! 

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