Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rainbow's End

The last time I visited this theme park was like…..when I was 18 with some high school mates!  Now I am back bringing my little man and the big man.  The park has since changed quite substantially with many new rides added including a new area designated for kids under 8 called Kids Kingdom.  We had a go at a few rides with AJ in the main park, but he was more interested in the Kids Kingdom.  Oh well, what can I say, he is well under 8!  LOL.  Having said that, some rides in there require adult’s company so we still had some fun.  Just fun no adrenaline rush.

There was an extremely short moment where I was tempted to hop on Fear Fall, but that thought was killed almost instantly.  I tried once in Gold Coast as a challenge to myself then.  Thank God I came down walking with both legs.  This time, I am just too old for it.  I worried my soul and body may get separated as soon as it falls.  LOL.  I love my life too much to take that plunge.  Way too much.

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