Thursday, December 08, 2016

AJ is 7!

His very first birthday after becoming a brother! And his first in Timaru too!  What can I say? The little man is not so little anymore.

This year, as we were so busy and overwhelmed with the move, we told AJ that we may not be able to throw him a party this year.  He asked if he could have a few besties over for a small party (or to put it simply, a playdate!)

So we had 3 kids over, got some pizzas ordered and they were happy as larry!  I was lucky I still managed to track down a baker to make him a cake.  That topped the day!

We then asked AJ to pick a place for a family dinner to celebrate, much to my surprise, it was Lone Star!  I was expecting McDonald.  Oh well, what do I know?  Children are never predictable.

Lone Star it was then.  

We have never been to the Timaru branch but what a good pick!  We were in awe with their food and service.  Their monthly special of duck confit was heavenly!

The team even gave AJ a little surprise (how thoughtful!) - a pavlova cake with a candle!  Thank you Lone Star for making my son's special day super special!

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