Thursday, January 19, 2017

2017 summer road trip - part 1

Ooooohhhhh! More than a month since my last update?!?!  Seriously? Where have the time gone?

Alright, road trip!  We drove to Wanaka and Queenstown, staying at Cromwell this time.  Couldn't get accommodation at Queenstown due to my lack of planning.  The trip was short (3 days) and bitter sweet (you'll know why).

It's funny I have done countless of road trips around the country particularly south island but I am just never getting enough of it, even now with two young kids in tow I would still go in a heartbeat!

The destination for day 1 was Wanaka.  We did a brief stop at Benmore hydro station for educational purpose.  An impromptu decision that was (my son would say I talked like Yoda! lol  He is soooo into Star Wars).

Then we stopped at Omarama for lunch before we continue our journey to Wanaka.  As we drove not very far from Omarama, we came across this sea of lupins that's just perfect for photo stop.  Lupins are considered weeds in New Zealand (such a beautiful weeds I don't mind having them in my garden!).  We saw waves and waves of them on both side of the road along the way but all considered too dangerous to stop for photo taking.  Finally to my pleasant surprise, arrived to this one that has ample space for car to drive in and walkway for you to indulge yourself fully.  So stop we must! (Yoda again!) 

Taking photosssss with lupins - checked!

We arrived at Lake Wanaka 1.5 hours later.  Back to visit the lonely tree......

And that's a wrap for day 1. 

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