Friday, January 27, 2017

2017 summer road trip - part 2

We stayed at Heritage Lake Resort in Cromwell.  The view and surrounding was totally breathtaking.  The peacefulness and serenity were to die for.  That's how a holiday supposed to be!

Here come the bitter part.....Rick got food poisoning on the first night.  It was bad.  He was bad.  

It must be the salmon!  


Lucky my steak was safe or the kids will be on their own!

Lesson learnt - will add medicine for food poisoning into my travelling medicine list.

So our original plan came to a halt unfortunately.  We still managed to go Queenstown the next day, but not without forgoing some of the planned activities.  

We only went to the Below Zero Ice Bar.

And we back to Cromwell calling it the day.

The next day is another pleasant drive back home.

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