Sunday, July 22, 2007

Transformers and something that reminds me of him

Finally watched Transformers. I give it 3 words BLOODY DAMN GOOD!

While I was walking around the mall prior to the movie just now, something caught my attention and I just couldn't move my eyes away from it. It was the one and only left on the shelf and now, it is MINE! \(^O^)/

I love every single thing about this mug. The cute puppy, the shape of the mug, the height and the white background colour, everything!

It also reminds me of a puppy I once owned, Merz.....

Merz is a golden retriever. He was one of a kind and irreplaceable. Sadly, for his own good, we had to send him away to a better home and right now he is probably having a good time with the kids in that family.... Rick and I have a pact, that we will not get another golden retriever, ever in the future as we want to save that in our heart, just for Merz.

I still think of Merz today....I miss him, really....very much.....

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mistipurple said...

hugs Doreen. be happies. Merz is happies. he will want you to be as happies as he is, prancing around.. er.. heh.

Doreen said...

*Hugs back to Mistipurple*
Thanks misti for being here...just a bit emotional seeing Merz's pics that's all. Ya, you're right, I'm sure he is happy and I should be too. *wiping off the tears* (^-^)

mistipurple said...

tell you a story.
my friend and his family had a cat. one day they lost the cat.
actually they also had a dog, but he (the dog) was old and lived his time also. so they didn't want to have another dog or cat. same reason i guess as yours.

back to the cat story..

one day, there was a cat who came to their house. the mother refused to 'adopt' him, and tried countless times to put him further and further away from their house. one day she gave up and brought him really far away. it was comical cos she was telling her neighbor that this time she will 'win' the fight. but her neighbor was laughing at her because she didn't know that behind her, the cat was running all the way back to follow her.
so, she gave up. told her hubby her plight. she knew her hubby will disagree. who knows? this cat knew how to manja so well, went up to the hubby and sayangz him. the hubby gave in and they got along real well instantly.
(sleep already or not my long story?)
the strange thing is..
this cat looks exactly the same as their last cat. same mannerism. same temperament. he would go up to the mother for food, the father for play, and the son when he is sick. (son doctor)
so, life is strange ya?
sometimes a new pet strangely replaces the old one in more ways than one. to this day, they still shake their head in amazement.

end of bedtime story.
*tucks doreen to bed* *hugz*

may said...

oh, that's such a sweet pix of Merz! pity you had to send him away... at least he's in a better home now, yea? hugs and happy monday to you!

Kay said...

I don't think I can do what you did. But you did what you think is best for Merz. At least you know Merz is with a happy loving family.

eve said...

I have a thing with dogs...If not becos of my MIL , i think i wouldn't have given my dog away to someone else..haihss...My MIL is terrified of anything furry...haha..weird..

Doreen said...

That's a very interesting story! Yeah, I guess nothing can be definite. The most important thing is to keep an open heart to whatever may come...(^_^)

Thanks for your bedtime story, I had a good sleep last night. Muaks!

Yep, I'm 100% confident that family can give him a happy life. Thanks may. *huggies*

I never thought I would do that was a tough move but it was what is best for Merz.

Haha, we both dog craze! I was initially hoping Merz and Vell would be a good company together, but thing didn't quite turn out as expected I supposed. I really hope my kids would not be allergy or terrified of the furry cuties.

Chen said...

That's indeed a cute mug. Merz is such an adorable dog. I'm sure Merz will think about u too :)

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, gosh, thats a beautiful pyppy. Pity had to give him away.
Hey, thats a lovely smile you have, like seeing the moon come up.
Have a nice day, Doreen. UL.

Winn said...

aiyak my comment hilang..
was saying merz, he would come home to you if he has good sense of direction like that meow meow story of yours...
m sure he has u both in his heart. dogs are faithful. loyal. i like!!!!

Winn said...

aiyak my comment hilang..
was saying merz, he would come home to you if he has good sense of direction like that meow meow story of yours...
m sure he has u both in his heart. dogs are faithful. loyal. i like!!!!

alicia said...

sigh.... doreen at least you know where your dog is... i lost my German Shepherd 1 month ago..... the whole family couldn;t figure out how she get lost.... the only reason we have is kipnapped by some evils..... but we still think how could it be... because she is damn heavy and big size (almost 30kg for a 1 year old dog)..... i miss her very much.. though she is terribly, extremely naughty... but now seeing no her, her face keeps on flashing in my mind.... *sob sob*....

Doreen said...

Emmm...not sure about that loh, Merz was only 8 weeks old when we sent him away. May be too small to remember....hehe *hugsss*

Yeah, he is gorgeous and he is no longer mine....
it's always good to see you, charming uncle! (^_^)

Merz was too young to remember me lah, and he was taken by car to a far far away place (about 1 hr drive from my house leh)

You lost your german shepherd? The one that you talked about when you were here one? How can? He must be too gorgeous liao and got stolen by somebody lah.

Liwan said...

*screams* my dream dog is a golden!!! Merz is sooo cute!!! i want i want i want!!!!!

L B said...

I love that mug! So nice! I want!!! Exchange yours for a Starbucks one? No? .. Haha.. Pretty mug, and pretty you! and Merz..

eastcoastlife said...

The puppy mug is so cute! And Merz is cute too, such lovely golden hair! ^-^

alicia said...

yeah.... is the dog that i mention to you.....lost it.... she is so dumb i wonder why people still interested in her....

mistipurple said...

hahahahahaa nope won't tell you..

Doreen said...

on you like golden retriever?! They're very gorgeous! Quick quick go get one aye? Hehehe

l b:
Er....Starbucks mug ar....DON'T WANT! Hehehehe

How's your foot liao? Yeah, Merz is one cute puppy! (^_^)

May be because she is cute and beautiful? It is german shepherd! Or may be some ppl are just too desperate for a dog.

Eh? Thanks for the award wor. Good award or bad huh? Sampat wor? Meaning kpo is it? hehehehe