Friday, July 20, 2007

Rockin' Girl

I have been awarded.....

Thanks winn for this honour. I feel greatly flattered by this title. (^o^)

*pulling out a cheat sheet*

"I am thrilled to be holding this. There are a lot of people I would like to thank........" Like I am really in the Kodak theatre winning the oscar like that! Muahahahha

Okok, time to pass this title on....and the winners are....(Eh, now like in the Miss Universe Pageant competition....) Eh, what's wrong with me? Siao liao is it?

Well, I got more than 5 gorgeous gals to give this title to. How?

Can I bend the rule? *asking the host* (Miss Universe again!)

"Yes, you can but only at the discretion of the judge"


So, I would like to award this to:






Some of you may have already been awarded by other hotties, but because you really rock, I would like to award you again, from me. (^_^)V

You may choose to pass on the title or just keep it on your desk. It's yours! (^_^)

Y'all have a good weekend! ( I mean all handsome boys and pretty gals lah) (^.^)

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Chen said...

thank u thank u thank u
muacksssssssssssssss :D

Chen said...

u r awarded again :P

misha said...

*jiejie doreen* thank you for the award .. yeah . Mish have 3 awards already !!!!

irenecheong said...

your blog is getting real interesting. i'm addicted!

mistipurple said...

hahahahahaaaa .... er.. thank you thank you... io io io out again!

eve said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww....tenkiussss...The second time receiving this award...*kembang sial*..I have yet to do the tag oso..aisey..

Winn said...

meow meow......r we playing ping pong? heeeeeeee! thanks girl! now i triple rock!!!
oink oink

carcar said...

hi hi... hey drop by to tell u i simply like yr slide photo on the side bar.

very sunny, very sweet smile of u!~

a^ben said...

o m g` so many rockers out there suddenly lolsss

*imitates pig pose*

Doreen said...

Thank u back also leh. *muaks back* Hehehe. Looks like all gal bloggers rock lah. (^_^)

You're most welcom misha! Wah~~~3 awards already! Misha a princess of rock then. Hehehehe *huggies*

Aiks, thank u leh! hahahaha (^o^)

You're welcome sweetie! Are u going to make a "come back" then? hehehehe *huggies*

Oooo...2nd time liao, got pressure to do the tag now leh...

Eh, now winn is cat liao? My heart-kun likes cat also. hahaha. No ping pong leh, tennis lah! Hahaha

Hi CARCAR! Thanks, it took me a while to get it into my template. phew! *wiping sweat*

Ya lor. All become rockers liao. Too bad you're not a gal...hehehe
Eh, you pig pose can pass one or not? hahahha

may said...

woo-hoo-hoo! this would be my fourth one... woo-hoo-hoo! it's like winning multiple Oscars, heheh!

thank you thank you... HUGS!

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, so many pretty girls, and me sitting in my rocking chair smoking my pipe.
You deserve the award, Doreen...UL.

L B said...

Congrats, Rocker Girl! You ROCK so well!

eastcoastlife said...

Woot! You hot rockin Girl!!!