Friday, January 25, 2008

The end of an era

Today marks the end of my 3-year service to the team. I spent most of the day packing and tidying up. It was nostalgic. I considered myself been through a lot these 3 years and I had learnt/developed a great deal. I am thankful for the opportunities this job had offered. People move on, so do I though am only moving to a different floor within the same organisation. I am excited and eager to face the challenges and opportunities the new job will bring.

So there, the end of one era and the beginning of a new one.

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Winn said...

a new beginning and a chinese new year! surely will be a good mickey mouse year this year k! piggy where's your mickey ears? :)

Doreen said...

Hope everyone have a good mickey mouse year! Piggy doesn't have any mickey ears. His head too big cannot fit. Hahahaha

L B said...

Happy New Beginnings, Doreen. I am sure it will be a great period! Yeah, piggie needs Mickey ears! Or tail..

Liwan said...

Good luck Doreen!!! kambathe!

kljs said...

Hopefully, the new Era will be even better than the previous Era!!!!

Good Luck!!!!

eastcoastlife said...

A promotion! Congrats!! All the best in your new job!

Doreen said...

l b:
Thanks! New beginning is always good. Can't find any Mickey ears that can fit Pigi's head. Hahahaha

Thank you Liwan! kambathe! (^_~)P

Sean said...

Yeah~~ I also quit my current job and waiting to start a new one soon~~~

Sean said...

Yeah~~ I also quit my current job and waiting to start a new one soon~~~

zewt said...

all the best to you in the new era!

keeyit said...

You changed new job? when the new job starts ? Yeah 3 years is a long one.. I worked at my first job for almost 5 years lol.. hehe..

Good luck for your new job ya !

cheerfulday said...

So nice you got a new start for this Rat year.

I still havent find a new job.. :(

Doreen said...

Thanks! I'm sure the new Era definitely better! Have to be optimistic mah. hehehehe

Thanks ECL! Have to work really hard this year to bring myself up to speed.

alexander said...

good luck with your moving!

Alex's World! -

ilovepearly said...

Sounds exciting, glad things are working well for you! Are you going to get a window view too?

Chev said...

all the best to u :)
Piggy will always accompany u wherever u go ;)

may said...

Good Luck in your new job, and all the best in your new beginning!

Doreen said...

Yeah, read it from your blog the other day. Good on you, and all the best to your new job!

Thanks! And you too in this new year!

Yeah, 5 years is a very long time! You were really loyal! hehehehe. My new job starts this Monday, no break in between, have to keep $$ coming. Hehehehe

Don't worry, you'll get one soon. Good thing takes time. Go, go, go!

Hey thanks! Emmm...your name reminds me of a great hero in ancient Greece. Hehehe

Hehehe. Thanks! Not sure about the window view. I have know idea where I will be hiding yet. Hehehe. But on 3rd floor, I doubt there is much view to enjoy :(

Thanks Chen (or Chev)! Yes, Pigi will indeed!

Thank you May! It's going to be a busy year ahead I can see, many things to learn.

kyh said...

whee! good luck lo! a new beginning needs a new makeover, and a big big celebration for that! ;)

L B said...

Mickey or no Mickey, you got TAGGED!!

Doreen said...

Thanks kyh! Yeah, big big celebration, so I had Burger King breakfast today. Hahaha

l b:
Oh my 1st tag of 2008! I'll hand in my homework very soon. Hehehe