Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A love letter to Autumn

Serene, peaceful, calm
With a slight hint of gloominess
Romantically beautiful you are
I fancied you when I was young
And fall for you the moment I met you
Yet there is only another month to be with you
Before you succumbed to the bleak winter
Please…just stay….for a little longer….would you?










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L B said...

Lots of beautiful photos, and a beautiful poem... Happy Autumn to you, Adorable Doreen..

Tracy said...

Happy Autumn! I love autumn too!... :)

Kay said...

Wow look at that shoe your wearing!!!

Nice music on your blog.

This entry makes me feel so dreamy of care free days.....

keeyit said...

Beautiful autumn and beautiful woman.. Hehe.. Like your 2nd picture. You post so cute la..

Chev said...

lovely poem leh..
abuthen, winter very sad liao..
cos u don't heart winter :P
*sampat comment* :P

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, I was wondering why you post about Autumn then, ahhhh, you down under. We heading into Summer, you into winter.
Love your shoes. Nice colour. Your sheepskin looks cozy.
Wow, I love that lake in your pics? Anywhere near you live?
Can do fishing? Ha ha.
That a country road? No traffic?
Talking about weather, we were experiencing miniskirt weather pat week then night before, today the temp dropped like a ripe durian to 4'c!!
And I just heard on the radio tonight "its going to be slightly chilly"...o'c!!.
Its alreay almost May and o'c? Ha ha. I love Canada, it can surprise you. So no oogling at shorts and miniskirts for awhile, ha ha.
Whats your temp there now? Stay warm, Doreen, Lee.

eve said...

I love all your shots la...So...professional...hehe..

Trinity said...

you are cute and adorable... photogenic as well..the scene was so beautiful... as beautiful as you...

now gimme my F4 back to me!!!!!! *chase after doreen*

Trinity said...

eits, I just find out that you live in Wellington, I have a friend name Tasya over there... a wonderful lady, and never met her before.. she is F4 fans hahaha...

Winn said...

i love the last pic! download from google image one issit:P:P:P:P::P!

if i stand in the middle of the road anywhere in kl and pose like that for photoshoot hor, i surely will be run over by those no-give-face mat rempits even b4 the photographer managed to hit the 'capture' button.

nice pic . *hooray vainpot unite!! *hi-5*=)

Doreen said...

l b:
Only in such a beautiful season that gives beautiful photos! Happy spring to you...it is spring there right?

Autumn is very romantic...those carmine/crimson hues make the whole scenery a live painting.

Hehehe, bright hot pink shoes, not quite the Autumn theme I must say. Hehehe. Autumn will be surrounding you in 6 month time, you can be as care free as you want then? (^_^)

Doreen said...

Thanks! I was acting cute...muahahaha

No, don't heart winter here. Winter is nice when it is white, but winter here is wet, windy and yucky! No white. Hate it!

Hello Lee! That's not a lake actually, it is a very shallow river, about 20 mins drive from my house. No fish there, too shallow. Hehehe. and yes, it is a country road, very quiet.

It has been quite warm these couple of days, around 20 degree C. But tonight will be chilly. Southerlies coming our way.

Doreen said...

Hahaha, thanks leh. The beautiful scenery plays a big part lah to make the photo more appealing.

Hahaha, okok, give you back you beloved F4 lah *but quickly grab on Zai Zai's hand and run~~~*

Doreen said...

You got friend living here in Wellington? Tasya, very unique name. Is she asian or kiwi?

Eh eh eh, original man, got copyright one leh. Hehehehe

Haha, in KL of course got run down lah posing like that in the middle of the road, not once but many many times, over and over! This was at countryside mah, even got meeh meeh sheep along both sides of the road leh. Hehehehe

mistipurple said...

so nice your surroundings. peaceful wor. no wonder you like to stay and work in meeh meeh land.

oceanskies79 said...

Very nice sceneries and photos of yourself.

I chanced upon your blog while I was at Eastcoastlife's.

Doreen said...

Yeah, very peaceful. I think I've changed from a city-person to a countryside-person. Good or bad? Hmmmm.....

Hey oceanskies79! Thanks for dropping by. Seen you around but never really "talk" to you. Well...nice to "meet" you. (^_^)

oceanskies79 said...

Nice meeting you too. :)

Have a good weekend meantime.