Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wellington at dawn

A break from my Taiwan trip. I am really tired of the whole process of selecting (from 1000 photos!), resizing and uploading. It has taken so much of my time. Geez, I couldn't imagine, if I were to go for the 40 days round the Europe trip. I think I would become a photo slave and die a death of photo overdose in the end.

Ok enough of my whine. It's probably that time of the month again!

You know, sometimes when you live in a very quiet country, where you don't have much (family, friends, shopping, gossiping etc) to fill your time with (Ironic, yet I was talking about processing photos has taken up my time. Women!), you start thinking about doing crazy things, like what we did this weekend.

We were crazy enough to woke up at 5.00am, then drove all the way to Oriental Bay for SUNRISE!!!! Romantic hor? NOT QUITE WHAT YOU THINK. Our intention was not to sit side by side, holding hand watching sunrise, but to capture the city landscape at sunrise IN PHOTOS. (See, 100% photo slave!) Siao or not? Both Rick and I have married to photography already lah, him to his camera and all the junkies that come with it, and myself to the photos. What a big happy family! Muahahaha!

It was cold and still dark. The city was dead quiet, only got two crazy photo slaves waiting for the sunrise. Well strictly speaking no really lah, there were seagulls and they were so noisy.

Since it was still dark and no sign of sunrise, I got so bored and started flashing away while Rick was getting all his gear setup.

My survival kit, homemade hot chocholate

Rick taking night shots

The sun so lazy, still sleeping like a pig

Wellington by night
Wellington harbour by night. Enlarged version HERE

Aha, the sun finally woke up.....

Oriental Bay at dawn
Beautiful right?

Enlarged version HERE

Hardly wake up this hour to admire happy...hehehe

Wellington city at dawn. Enlarged version HERE

We stayed till around 7.15 am, then headed to McD for breakfast...

For both of us!

And later, a rather big feast at Big Thumb. Must eat a lot to make up for energy loss you see.

Now I am all satiated and happy, but extremely tired....

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oceanskies79 said...

The sunrise sceneries are so lovely. Maybe the next time you are there again for sunrise, please don't use your camera, just enjoy the moment for yourself. :)

Hope you would get some good rest later the day.

Trinity said...

wwwwoooooooow so gorgeous!! I would do the same if I were you... my hubby and I do wonderful things together.. including catch the sunrise at easter.. hehe I will 'dream' to catch the harbour at night and at dawn if I have a harbour in Bandung!!

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, wow! Outstanding photographs! Love the lights at sunrise.
Like you and Rick, I was crazy about taking photographs, scenery, sunset, sunrise, you name it...but slowly got interested in portrait photography, and today I make women beautiful thru my camera lens, friends wives, bring out their personality, their warmth, some candid, some posing.
And some that would be good for Vogue magazine, *wink*, ha ha.
I spent half hour going thru your previous Taiwan picturs studying the details, as well the background.
But one thing sure amazes me, practically a lot of your shots of you eating, and yey you have maintained your ahemm, fabulous figure, ha ha.
How you do it?
Stay beautiful Doreen, Lee.

L B said...

Beautiful shots! It was worth it to get up at that hour then, especially with such a breakfast! But no lormaikai?!!

eastcoastlife said...

Wow! The sunrise pictures are so beautiful! Worth the early rising and wait lah. So romantic lah Rick! Must lend me. hahaha....

The dimsum looks really awesome after a hard morning's work eh. hehe....
*takes a egg tart*

Doreen said...

Yeah, next time I will just enjoy the moment. Now that I think of it, it was really a great moment to indulge in. The air so fresh, and peacefully quiet surrounding.

Wah~~~so romantic...catching sunrise at easter. I'm sure sunrise at your place has a different charm.

Chev said...

waking up at 5 am...
i will only do that if...
i'm working/on call
or.. i have to catch an early morning flight..

Nice photos :)
and yummy food too :D

mistipurple said...

great food.
and ya,
great scenery too, lol.
of cos i noticed the scenery first. *ahem*

keeyit said...

A nice Wellington harbour by night..

Alicia said...

xiao ja bo.... u are really bored there ar??? time you back to here, u can take sun rise and sun set at the beach here.... beautiful scenery also... anyway... your photo looks very good... photo slave... sigh.. ahhahahhahahahah

Doreen said...

Hey Lee, may be you should share some of your shots on your blog. I'm keen to see your works. (^_^)

I like to eat, and do eat a lot but I take frequent small meals rather than one big portion. Well, I don't consider myself as slim, I do have fats that need to be hidden away. Hehehehe

l b:
No lormaikai loh. I don't normally order lormaikai when I go eat dim sum because one lormaikai can take away all my stomach space and I wouldn't be able to eat the rest.

You really want to borrow Rick? That means you also need to borrow me wor. I'm his assistant leh. Hehehe

Doreen said...

Really ar? Not even with millions of dollars at your door steps? Hehehe

Come, we go watch sunrise tomorrow? Pigi keen also leh. Then we can go enjoy some yummy dim sums also. I pick you up at 5.30am ok?

Wellington is only nice when it is not windy. And that's probably less than 30% a year.

Doreen said...

Ya loh, eat too full got nothing to do bah. Hahahaha. Emm...I don't think I have experienced Miri's sunrise before leh. May be I should try next time. Now I am becoming a sunrise slave liao. Hahahaha

Donald Kuok said...

nice scenery at the dawn. I wish i could do that too. I must join the fun when i am in Wellington. :p

Doreen said...

donald kuok:
next time when you come to Wellington or when we go to Perth then you and Rick can go catch the sunrise. Rick would definitely love to!

eastcoastlife said...

hahaha.... ok, both take. One to take photos, one to fan me and carry my barang-barang. :P

It's early winter in Wellington now, isn't it?

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, would love to show my portraits but as its friend's wives, ha ha...they will kill me, ha ha.
But...there's always Fedex? *Wink*, Lee.
ps, love your sure a warm, sentimental lady.

L B said...

We are the Champions - my friends
And we'll keep on fighting - till the end -
We are the Champions -
We are the Champions
No time for losers
'Cause we are the Champions - of Europe -

Doreen said...

Wah~~~camera man's assistance also need to carry client's barang-barang? Ok lah, for you I do anything. Hehehe

Not quite winter yet, now is almost the end of autumn. Winter starts officially on 1 June.

Doreen said...

Emm...Fedex sounds good! Hehehe

Doreen said...

l b:
Aiks! Since when you also join the spamming bandwagon LB? Haha Well, at least your spam mean something. (^_^)

may said...

waaaaa, so noice! I wouldn't mind waking up early to witness such a beautiful sunrise, but not when it's cold... brrrr... maybe summer, heh!

eve said...

5am for photo taking.. arr..err... Ya la..sot la...ishhh....Hahaha....I would rather zzzzz....

eastcoastlife said...

Now it's only autumn.... a few more days will be winter lor. I don't think there is snow. But weather these days are so unpredictable hor.

Keep warm. Rick must add a bit more fats. hehe....

oceanskies79 said...

Have a good weekend Doreen. Thanks for visiting my blog almost every day. :)

kljs said...

Nice photos!!! Especially the sunrise one. Very nicely taken!

david mcmahon said...

Some great shots there. I have good friends in NZ who have been telling me I must come there with my camera!

eastcoastlife said...

Happy weekend!!
Still zzzz......
Wakey! Wakey! Sleepy heads! hehe....

mistipurple said...

the environment is lovely in nz.
anyway i love malaysia's vast lands too. me being singaporean. lol.

Doreen said...

You're most welcome! And you too have a good weekend. (^_^)

Thanks! I shall pass this message to Rick then. (^_^)

david mcmahon:
Yes indeed! NZ scenery is really to die for especially in the South Island.

Aiyo, can't help it, so cold must sleep more. Hehehe. Now woke up already liao.

Malaysia is a lovely place. Singapore is not bad too, I'm sure sunrise at Sentosa is very nice and romantic.