Thursday, January 01, 2009

Pencarrow lighthouse

We visited Pencarrow lighthouse last Saturday. It is one of our to-dos in this Christmas/New year break. Pencarrow lighthouse is the very first lighthouse in New Zealand opened in 1859. The keeper was Mary Jane Bennett, the only woman lighthouse keeper in the country. There are actually two lighthouses in the area. The 2nd one was built in 1906, which is halfway down the hillside. The building of the 2nd lighthouse was due to the heavy fog that sometimes hid the beam from the old lighthouse.

Anyway, the both lighthouses is about 8km coastal walk from the gate. We initially thought it was an easy 1 hour walk, but we were proved to be too optimistic. We ended up taking 1 hour and 45 mins ONE WAY! (O_O)!!

Arhh.......finally can see it!

So a total 3.5 hours walk return for a view like say worth it or not?

Reading the history of the lighthouse

Almost there.....

Then, here comes my million dollar sandwich dinner....

Muahahahaha, my humble homemade sandwich with the MILLION DOLLAR view!

I knew my stomach wouldn't be able to wait after a long walk, so decided to have our dinner there. The wind was soooooo strong that we had to hide in the corner under the light house.

After dinner, we took some time to enjoy the spectacular view......

Eee...why are there two horns on my head? My hands lah! Muahahaha. Notice the meeh meeh in the cute right?

Due to time constraint, we wouldn't be able to visit the 2nd lighthouse. Oh well, next time then.

Here is the faith of my shoes at the end of the day.....spoilt with some "souvenirs" stuck in there....poor shoes, didn't make it to 2009 (-_-)

HAPPY 2009!

May 2009 brings you all the joy, wealth, health, love and peace.

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emotionalistic said...

I think it's worth the free exercise some more. Happy New Year! :)

tikno said...

Nice pictures. Feels natural.
Happy New Year to you and family

mistipurple said...

happy new year doreen and rick!
i will read more in detail tomorrow. gotta sleep now.
(i can onli make out that you need a new pair of shoes.. lol.)

(( K@Y )) said...

I'm going to put that on my list, to visit a light house.

Trinity said...

huwaaaahhhh!!! so gorgeous!! So you did all the to do resolutions in 2008?

Doreen said...

True, but I still think 3.5 hours walk is a bit too much. 2.5 hours may be ok. Hehehe

Thanks. Happy 2009 to you and your family too. Have a great year!

LOL. Good night misti! *switch the light off for misti*

Doreen said...

Yeah, hope to read about your experience. Happy new year!

Well, I didn't really set a proper resolution. I only wanted to travel overseas twice in a year and glad I did it. (^_^)

mistipurple said...

haha, now i am at work and have read your post. so nice lying down on the grass up there. must be feeling like one with the universe.

Jys said...

wow..nice view.. 3.5 hours walk? definitely worth it!!

oceanskies79 said...

Thank you Doreen. Similarly, I wish you joy, wealth, health, love and peace everyday.

kyh said...

Happy 2009! Those views are lovely. Kinda remind me of the Greek islands on TV!

Petite Lass said...

Happy New Year 2009! Ah, what a lovely way to spend your New Year celebration. Hehe, time to get a new shoe for the new year ;)

jezalmy said...

Poor little shoes...because of your owner you have to say goodbye to 2009. But with your sacrify, we able to see the beatiful photos here...We will always remember your hard work....:P. Happy New Year

Josephine said...

Time to get a new pair...
CNY is around the corner, it is a good timing to hunt for a new pair...

Doreen said...

haha, yeah, I really like that feeling. Care free and relaxed!

You think? Emm....yeah, may be now that I think of it.

Thanks PY! (^_^)

True hor, it is quite like the Greek islands just that there is probably no sheep in Greek. Hehehe

Petite Lass:
Haha, yes! New shoes, new shoes here I come!

LOL the shoes had served me for a good 2 years. I will always remember you, pinky flat!

Shoes here are not as nice as those back home, and they're very expensive here too. I have to wait for sale. :(

keeyit said...

I saw all of your photos also love it.. especially the previous post about the scenery. damn awesome!

The color so sharp and the model is pretty. hehehe..