Friday, March 20, 2009

Recap of the week

Life has been quiet lately. Not much happenning, and it'starting to get a bit boring.

Went to watch "Watchmen" last week. Not quite what I had expected, too long for my liking really. I was expecting an action superhero movie, much like X-Men, Superman kind, you know a lot of blow-you-away special effects. But no, it is more like a story-telling type of movie. I was later found out the movie has followed the comics story line almost exactly. It is not a bad movie, just not my type I supposed.

Also, finally planted the Pacific Blue lavenders which I bought more than 3 months ago, replacing the old species that had died. They're looking good and I just can't wait for them to grow. Now, it's probably time to pay another visit to the lavender farm to get somemore.

I have also been spending my night watching this new Taiwanese series 心星的淚光. I am expecting a sad ending judging from the title. I am not a fan of sad ending, but can't stop watching. Jerry Yan is just too cute! And, of course it is a good drama.

It's Friday. I'm sitting here trying to crack my brain on what to do this weekend. Sigh!

Not in a good mood either. Work issues. I hate it when work is affecting my mood. And IT HAS TO BE ON A FRIDAY!! Sucks!

Here, ending my entry with what I wore to the movie-Watchmen.


nic said...

xmen and transformer are coming out soon... i think both will be so packed with action lor! let's watch!

jezalmy said...

I prefer transformer as I watch this cartoon since kids. Even the 1st movie I had been watched 3 times...muahaha.

Oh, you planted new lavender, me last sunday just brought few type species of orchid...hehe. Really wish can plant my first lavender over the hot temperature country.

Doreen said...

Oh yes, been waiting for them. I'm definitely gonna watch!

I didn't watch much of the cartoon, but I really love the movie! It was the best movie of the year for me!

Yeah, I think lavender need 4 seasons. They normally bloom during summer. Well, hope you could beat the odd planting your first lavender in Malaysia!

emotionalistic said... watch the series online or you bought the DVDs? Hehe...mind to share what's the movie about before i start watching?

Doreen said...

I watch online.

I got the synopsis from DramaWiki:
Cheng Yue (Jerry Yan) and Rui Shan (Alice Ceng) are pianist and cellist. They are the most high-profile golden couple in the music industry. One day, Cheng Yue tried to save Xiao Lu (Terri Kwan) from car accident. But unfortunately he break his arm and can't play piano. Devastated Cheng Yue give up music and chose to travel. 2 years later, Cheng Yue arrives in Shanghai, and meet Xiao Lu (Terri Kwan). The 2 become colleagues, and due to work interactions, they gradually establish a friendship. At this time, Rui Shan finally tracks down Cheng Yue. She tries her hardest to get Cheng Yue to return to the music world. However, Xiao Lu encourages him to face life with a postive attitude, and Cheng Yue realises that he is impacted by Xiao Lu’s kidness and enthusiasm. From being a person who has hit rock-bottom, wallowing in self-pity, he has re-ignited the passion in life.

Cheng Yue falls in love with Xiao Lu, but Xiao Lu has this incurable disease whereby her muscle is gradually dying away and (I think) will eventually die.

So yeah, high chance it is a sad ending lah.

keeyit said...

My friend also told me that not to go for watchmen.

Gardening. Hmm.. I do not know how to take care of those plants.. Plants at my office is those money plants which only put into water then can survive already.

Starlit, haven't watch yet. But watching TVB drama series now.

Doreen said...

Yeah, don't watch. Waste money only. What TVB drama you're watching?

Petite Lass said...

The dress you wore to the movie is beautiful! You definitely looked gorgeous in it. Cheer up girl. It's weekend! I am awaiting for Terminator to be screened. Never seen its prequels as I dislike Mr. Arnie. But this time, Christian Bale takes over as the lead role! :)

Doreen said...

Petite Lass:
Thanks! You don't like Arnie? I used to like him very very much and he was the reason I watched all Terminators.

Trinity said...

that's my jerry..that's mine!! hehehe