Thursday, September 10, 2009


Who said there is no free lunch these days?

Ok, it is free coffee, not lunch! But IT IS FREE! No catch, just free!

And I got myself a latte! *grin*


Shingo T said...

Free food/drink equates to long queues in Singapore.

Is it a long queue for you?

emotionalistic said...

I remember Starbucks gives out FREE coffee too (forgotten what's the occasion) and I was there to grab one too ;). I like generous people :P.

Josephine said...

so nice...

Doreen said...

Shingo T:
Nope, very short queue, only 2 before me. People here don't seem to give a damn about free stuff. LOL

Me too, me too! Wish they do this often. Hehehe.

Yeah, they're newly opened that's why.

tuti said...

it's embarrassing how long the queue gets when there are free stuffs here.
hope you enjoyed the latte! :)

Doreen said...

I think that happens to all asian countries actually. LOL