Saturday, August 07, 2010

New hair (again)!

Yet another hairstyle change. My curls were falling out and this time I wanted a more dramatic perm, you know, those puffy and messy type. So I booked myself an appointment at Cathy Davys Hair Design & Day Spa. My first time with them, their service and professionalism amazed me. I will definitely be their regular customer if not for the move.

Anyway here is what I got today.....

20100807_New perm 002

I love it! The photo is not quite telling the truth actually. It looks more puffy in real life. It is a bit on the expensive side comparing to my previous perm at the other salon, but as I always tell myself - "You can always earn your money back, but your happiness? PRICELESS!"

Whatcha think?


emotionalistic said...

I like your messy look. The best thing about this type of perm is that you dont have to take care of it is meant to be messy anyway :).

tuti said...

hehe, after washing just go through the hair with 'whatever you're using' eg. wax, moving rubber, etc., and you're done for the day!
great to have a change every now and then. lifts the spirit too!

Jennifer Yap said...

2 BIG thumbs up from me. i used to permed my hair like this and loving it. By the way, which salon and hairdresser u used to go to. She/he seems to know what to do... hard to find a good hairdresser in NZ.

jezalmy said...

look nice for the new style. Really love it. Never try to perm my hair before, I think I should try

Doreen said...

Yes that's the idea! But I have to really take care of my hair now after the colour and perm.

Yes. Some changes are good, some are a real challenge!

Jennifer Yap:
I normally go to Adrian Hairstylist at Courtenay Place. It's an Asian hair salon. They're quite good and price is reasonable. Ask for Tommy if you go there. He does my hair except for this one which I did it in an European hair salon.

Yeah, should try. It really gives a different look.

c a r c a r said...

u look great! what i like is the NEW look! u can carry the look!

u look really different now!

fresh and with the wow-effect!

Doreen said...

Thanks hun!