Sunday, September 09, 2012

Last weekend, we decided to get AJ a new trike.  His old one broke down a while ago.  We popped by this toy store (forgot the name) in the mall nearby and checked out their range of trikes.  We let AJ tried on one of the trikes, he was pedalling around and seemed rather enjoying.  Then we found out from the sales person that the trike probably could last for another 6-12 months before AJ out grown it.  Not a wise investment we thought.  In split seconds, we asked AJ to have a go at the bike.  My-oh-my, he just loved it and was pedalling around the store non-stop.  LOL

So there, AJ got his very first bike!

20120902_AJ new bicycle 001

And of course, not without a cool helmet!  LOL

20120902_AJ Spiderman helmet

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^^TeReNcE^^ said...

cute spiderman helmet :)