Monday, March 25, 2013

Our brief Miri weekend

We made a trip back to my hometown, which I no longer go back often since my parents’ move to Kuching.  3 nights, not much but I managed to catch up with the usual bunch of friends and relatives.  As soon as we touched down at Miri airport on Friday evening, we were swept away to a big relatives gathering of my mum-in-law’s side.  Big bunch of great people, lip smacking food and some gentle gambling fun (the CNY tradition of course!) to the wee hours.  And where are the pictures?  Geez, we forgot to take any! (-_-)

Then, the next day is all about visiting relatives from my father-in-law’s, and once again stomach stuffed to the max by the end of the day.  Going on any longer I will explode! LOL

I caught up with my old neighbour/friend/sister over a coffee at Tea Leaf.  She suggested bringing me to her parents’ house for a visit.  The house that’s now part of one I once called home.  They have been living there since day 1 and since becoming owner of my old house they have done some renovation merging the two terrace houses into one but I have never had a chance to visit till this day.  So with great honour, I was brought to walk down the memory lane.  The feeling was incredible, completely nostalgic being in “my home” again.  I could still vividly paint the picture of where my lounge was, and the corner where my piano used to be although the rest were kind of unrecognisable due to the entire facelift.  And, and…their swing is still there, in all its glory!

And while I was happy having some time off catching up with friends, AJ had a great time by the beach with the rest of the family albeit under the red hot scorching sun.  There were digging out the sand bubbler crabs, playing sand, teasing mimosa etc…all the fun stuff that are now long forgotten as we all buried in a sea of tech-y gadgets these days.  It is quite a sad reality.  Kids should be out exploring and getting dirty rather than being a slave to gadgets don’t you think?  Although we don’t let smartphone/pc games/tablet take over AJ’s life, he has got mountain of toys.  For this, I am guilty as charged.  Really, we should appreciate the nature more, know them and love them.  I sound like a Greenpeace activist huh!  Seriously, I do mean it.

I really really love this pic

Introducing mimosa to AJ!

On Sunday evening, I had a great get together with my old school mates at the cosy home of Alicia’s.  There were hell lot of laughter and jokes (the usual us!).  Man had I stayed a little longer (we were laughing till almost midnight!), my whole face would have ended up having 6 packs or even more. LOL. The two little ones certainly contributed quite a fair share.  It was AJ’s first time meeting with Vanessa of same age and the two hit it off right away!  It was an awesome night.

Love you all

I know right, the sweetest hug

It was nice to meet y'all and certainly good to be back in Miri albeit brief.  Till we meet again!

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